Who We Are

Our group is composed of approximately 50 extremely dedicated UC Davis engineering students working together year-round in order to compete in the annual Formula SAE Electric competition. We come from diverse interests and backgrounds but are united by a passion for engineering, and of course, racing.

Engaging Student Engineers

Our team is entirely student run - all design, fabrication, planning, marketing, outreach, and racing is done by students. Students leave the team with hands on engineering know-how and experience with communicating, working in groups, and managing time effectively.

Producing Successful Racecars

Formula Racing is excited to build on our strong performance in the international Formula SAE Electric competition in 2021. For 2022, we plan to iterate on many of the previous year's systems with an emphasis on system-level optimization. Additionally, the team plans to focus on weight reduction throughout the vehicle.

Supporting Our Community and Environment

Our team engages with various local communities to help educate people on electric vehicles and the benefits of hands-on engineering challenges at the university level.

About the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) Collegiate Design Series

Formula SAE Electric is a design and engineering challenge for university students designed and run by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The goal of the competition is to design and build an open-wheel, single-seat, electric racecar conforming to a stringent set of rules, which emphasize drivetrain innovation, safety, and energy efficiency in a high-performance application. Our team’s cost, design, and strategic positioning decisions are made to take into account the interests and requirements of a weekend autocross racer. These decisions are then presented to a panel of industry professionals in the business presentation.

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